A New Strategic Approach Towards Financial Regulation

A Comparative Overview of the English and Italian Legal System between Regulatory Needs and Technology Innovations





Financial regulation, FinTech, RegTech, Regulatory sandbox, Public Law, Comparative Law, UK, Italy, EU


This paper analyses the dynamics and evolutionary strategies that are occurring in regulated markets in light of the impacts of new technological innovations in the financial sector and how different jurisdictions are seeking the right balance between fostering innovation and competition and ensuring customers protection. The main focus of the paper is to present regulatory sandboxes as one of the novel ways of regulating financial services, especially fintech. The article is characterized by a comparative approach based on my professional experience as a lawyer in UK and Italy, as well as my experience as an academic in the financial markets sector.

Author Biography

Marco Boldini, San Raffaele University of Rome

San Raffaele University
Via di Val Cannuta 247
20138 Rome; Italy.
London Institute of Banking and Finance
36 Monument Street;
EC3R 8LJ London; United Kingdom.
Bayes Business School (London)
106 Bunhill Row,
EC1Y 8TZ London; United Kingdom


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