Archiving Policy

Act No 212/1997 Coll on Required Copies of Periodicals, Non-Periodicals and Audiovisual Copies as amended stipulates mandatory archiving policy and safeguards preservation of copies of periodicals in case of discontinuance of publishing. 

Under the Act, a publisher is obliged to provide print and electronic copies of periodicals to public libraries, particularly the Slovak National Library and the University Library

Furthermore, Bratislava Law Review joined national project Digital Resources – Web harvesting and E-Born Content Archiving. The web and e-Born content archived in Digital Resources is sent in the form of SIPs into the Central Data Archive (CDA) located in the University Library in Bratislava (established by the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic). CDA is the national intellectual, organizational and technological trusted infrastructure for collection, storage, redistribution and long time preservation of the national cultural heritage.