Rule of law in the 21st century


  • András Zs. Varga Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Faculty of Law and Political Sciences



rule of law, Venice Commission, constitutional interpretation, European Union


Rule of law is one of the core principles of constitutions and also the essential value of the European Union. Still, rule of law does not have a unanimous understanding either in the academic sphere or in the jurisprudence of the countries. The paper explains some theories on rule of law, then it considers how the doctrine prevails in the praxis of the Venice Commission and in the wording of the Treaty on the European Union. The paper concludes that interpretation of international fora involves the meaning of rule of law in a national level, even though the base of interpretation is unclear.




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Varga, . A. (2019). Rule of law in the 21st century. Bratislava Law Review, 3(1), 163–169.