Developments in family reunification cases before the CJEU


  • Réka Friedery Institute for Legal Studies, Centre for Social Sciences, Centre of Research Excellence, Hungarian Academy of Sciences



family life, Charter of Fundamental Rights, Family Reunification Directive, CJEU, thirdcountry national, EU law, family law


Family reunification is defined by primary and secondary EU law and by the case law of the CJEU. The cornerstones are the Charter of Fundamental Rights encompasses the principle of the respect of family life and the fundamental European standards for family reunification of third-state nationals are based in the Council Directive on the Right to Family Reunification. The EU directive explicitly confirms among others that family reunification is a necessary way of making family life possible. The article analyses the way the jurisdiction of the CJEU widens the notion of family reunification and how it offers more realistic picture for the growing importance of family reunification.


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