ANVUR classification


ITALIAN NATIONAL AGENCY FOR THE EVALUATION OF UNIVERSITIES AND RESEARCH INSTITUTES decided that Bratislava Law Review complies with the following criteria:

- scientific journal in area 12 (Law/Scienze giuridiche)
-Class A in the following sectors: 12/A1, 12/B1, 12/B2, 12/C1, 12/C2, 12/D1, 12/D2, 12/E1, 12/E2, 12/E3, 12/E4, 12/F1, 12/G1, 12/G2, 12/H1, 12/H2, 12/H3.

We believe that this classification will help Italian colleagues to fulfill the criteria required by the national agency if they are publishing in our journal. 

Full notice issued by the ANVUR.